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Quiz with Chamara Sumanapala. Part 30: Football World Cup 2002

The Football World Cup was hosted in Asia for the first time in 2002 when South Korea and Japan co-hosted the tournament. It was the first and only time that two countries have co-hosted the tournament. This world cup created a number of surprises, the most important one of them being Turkey and South Korea reaching the semi finals. Both were defeated in the semis and competed for the third place, which Turkey won. Brazil won the final against Germany 2-0, thereby regaining the world cup.

The games were held in 10 venues across South Korea and 10 venues in Japan. South Korean capital Seoul hosted the opening match and Japan hosted the final.
South Korea, after the quarterfinal victory

1. The opening game in the 2002 Football World Cup saw a shocking defeat of reigning world champions France by the Western African country of Senegal, which was playing in its first FIFA World Cup. The only goal in the match was scored by a relatively less known Senegal mid fielder Papa Bouba Diop in the 30th minute of the game. Playing in Group A, the French would end up the last of the group, without scoring a single goal. The victory of the African side was significant since France had been the colonial rulers of Senegal and had introduced football to the country. Furthermore, it was a Frenchman who coached the Senegal team at the time. He converted to Islam and married a woman from Senegal but left his job after the world cup due to differences with the country’s football governing body. Who was he?

2. South Korea football team is hugely popular at home and some other parts of Asia. But South Korea would probably not have reached the semi finals if not for some controversial refereeing in both the Round of 16 (Second Round) game against Italy and the quarter final against Spain. In the game with Spain, two goals scored by Spain were controversially disallowed, causing the match to end goalless. South Korea won by penalties. While Spain was angry at the outcome, Italy was even more disappointed by the quality of refereeing. Some Italian players alleged that there was a deliberate ploy to remove Italy out of the tournament. The main referee in this game later was engulfed in some controversies at his home country of Ecuador and had to retire from the job at a relatively young age. He is considered to be one of the worst referees ever in a FIFA World cup. Who is he?

3. In the semi finals however, South Korea’s luck expired. They were defeated 1-0 by Germany. Turkey, also a surprise entry, were undone by Brazil, also 1-0. The third place match at Daegu, South Korea, saw some entertaining football where the Turkish team overcame a spirited South Korean side at a home ground to win 3-2. In this match at Daegu, a Turkish striker scored the first goal just 10.8 seconds after kick off despite the fact that South Korea kicked off the ball. This is the fastest goal in FIFA World Cup history. Born in 1971, he is the most famous striker produced by Turkey. In an international career spanning 15 years from 1992 to 2007, he scored 51 goals in 112 matches. Who is he?

4. Except for the 8-0 thumping of Saudi Arabia, German team did not score a lot of goals in FIFA World Cup 2002. Their full tally was 14 goals in 6 matches, with 6 coming in the other five games. They gave away only 3 goals in the whole tournament, 2 of them to Brazil in the final. The goal keeper of the team made some dramatic saves in the preceding games but found it too much against the Brazilians. At times, he was the only one who prevented better attacking teams from scoring. Therefore, one could argue that if not for the goal keeper, Germany would never have reached the final. He was adjudged the best player of the tournament, despite Germany losing the final. He was the only goalkeeper to win the Golden Ball for the Best Player in a FIFA World cup. Who was he?

5. The final of the tournament was played in the international football stadium in Japan’s second most populated city. This is the football stadium with the highest capacity in the country, accommodating 70,000 spectators. The city in which it is located was once Japan’s main harbor and is still the main harbor in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Today, the city has a population of almost 3.7 million. What is this city?

Answers to Quiz No 30: Football World Cup 1998-2002

1. Cameroon
2. Andres Escobar
3. Gheorghe Hagi
4. Davor Suker
5. Berber people

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