Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Quiz with Chamara Sumanapala. Part 26: Ukraine Crisis

Ukraine is in political turmoil from late last year. The pro-Russian president of the country was ousted from power by pro-Western opposition groups early this year. A new government was established in Kiev. However, Russian speaking people in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine protested. Later Ukraine held a referendum to separate from Ukraine. After 95 percent of Ukrainian people voted to separate from Ukraine, Crimea did so and joined Russia shortly afterwards. There is an active pro-Russian movement in Eastern Ukraine, especially in Donetsk and Luhansk, and some of its leaders want those regions to join Russia as well.
The new Ukrainian President (4-L) met Russian President Vladimir Putin (2-L) in Minsk, Belarus, in August (kremlin.ru)

1. The President of Ukraine until early 2014 was a member of Party of Regions. He became the President of the country in 2010 after defeating Yulia Tymoshenko in the Presidential Election. He had earlier been the Prime Minister of the country twice. Born in 1950 in Donetsk Oblast in Ukraine, which was a part of the Soviet Union at that time, he spent some time in prison after a robbery and assault in 1967. Later, he would describe this as “mistakes of youth.” In late 1990s, he served as the Governor of Donetsk Oblast for a short while. In 2004, he was claimed to be the winner of the Presidential Election, but the election results were later annulled. Who is he?

2. Crimea was conquered by Russia from Turkey in 1783. In the Soviet era, Crimea was granted regional autonomy. Crimea was a part of Russia until 1954, when both Russia and Ukraine were constituent republics of the Soviet Union, officially known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. In that year, Crimea was handed over to Ukraine to commemorate the 300th anniversary of Ukraine joining the Russian Empire. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 Crimea still had regional autonomy as an Autonomous Republic. What was the capital of the Crimean Autonomous Republic?

3. The present day crisis comes a decade after an anti-government protest movement in 2004 following the Second Round of the Presidential Election of 2004 which the protestors claimed to be rigged. In late December 2004, the Ukrainian Supreme Court ordered a re-vote. Once it was held, the election was claimed “free and fair” and the opposition leader was claimed winner. What term is given to the protest movement of 2004?

4. Recently, a group of pro-Russian protestors were attacked in a Southern Ukrainian city by an opposing mob. They set fire to a building which some of the protestors had occupied. The fire killed 40 people. This city is one of the largest ports in Ukraine and is the third largest city of the country. What is this city?

5. After the Ukrainian Government was toppled in February 2014, a new administration was established in Kiev. Some countries including that of Russia do not recognize this change of government. The interim Ukrainian Government held elections on May 25. A new president was elected in this election. Who is he?

Answers to Quiz 25: Football World Cup 1974-78

1. Dino Zoff
2. Hamburg
3. Johan Cruyff
4. Diego Maradona
5. Antonio Cabrini

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