Monday, January 10, 2011

An Independent Lankan Identity

Sri Lanka is situated just South of the Indian subcontinent. As the ancient chronicles say, Sri Lankan history started when a prince called Vijaya landed in the island. They say that after subjugating the local tribes, Vijaya established a dynasty in Lanka. The proud civilization of the Sinhalese is said to be based on technology imported from India.

But, archeological evidence speak of a different story. For an example, it has been found that there was a city at the site of present day Anuradhapura (which was for 1500 years the capital of Lanka) several centuries before the supposed arrival of Vijaya. There is no mention of such a city in ancient chronicles.

Ancient Lankan engineers developed an irrigation system which is not to be seen anywhere in the world, let alone the Indian subcontinent. So, it can not be Indian technology alone which shaped up the civilization of Lanka.

More on this in the future.......

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