Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The King and Rihanna, the Princess?

Rihanna, the young Barbados born singer has matched one of Elvis Presley's records when she hit the #1 position on the UK charts for five consecutive years. Elvis made to the top position from 1959-63. However, while Rihanna had five tracks in the same number of years at #1 position, Elvis had 12 in the above mentioned years. Also, had Elvis made to the top in 1958 and 1964, he should have been at the top for 9 consecutive years, because he managed the same achievement in 1957 and 1965. Furthermore, Elvis made to the top of UK charts with several other tracks during his career.

Therefore, Rihanna may become the princess of pop music, but has a very long way to go to depose the King from the top.

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