Friday, February 12, 2016

Kasich Plays Positive, Gains Positive

New Hampshire Republican primary was not about Donald Trump. It was about the establishment candidates making an attempt to save their campaigns. While Marco Rubio had emerged the favorite among the pack, the next in line were ready to pounce on him.

Chris Christie, Jeb Bush and John Kasich were next in line, and the Deleware Governor Christie, who was precariously clinging on to the campaign, had decided to take on Rubio head-on. While he managed to unsettle the Junior Senator from Florida, Christie appeared, at least to some people, as a bully. Ultimately, Rubio ended up losing a chunk of his popularity, and Christie ended up with only a slight improvement in his campaign. Rubio stayed on, Christie did not.

Meanwhile, Governor John Kasich of Ohio adopted a different gameplay. He said that he wanted to launch a positive campaign without personal attacks. He met people at the grassroots level, which won him the crucial votes to push him on.

It is still too early to write-off any of the leading candidates in the GOP race. However, Kasich, who was written-off by some people after his performance in Iowa, is back in the race among the leading contenders.

Kasich was thrilled at the results of his positive campaign and said that he will continue it. However, he warned potential attackers that if they decide to launch an attack, he will respond.

Since both Rubio and Bush are continuing in the race for presidency, Kasich will have to fight hardly in South Carolina, to emerge first, at least among the establishment candidates.

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