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Quiz with Chamara Sumanapala. Part 10: Winter Olympics

The 22nd Winter Olympics commenced on February 7, 2014, at Sochi, Russia. Before 1924, the Olympic Games included some Winter Sports. From 1924 onwards, separate events were held for Summer Games and Winter Games. Until 1992, these events were usually held in the same year. It was decided to hold the events at different years after 1992. Therefore, the next Winter Olympics were held in 1994 and ever since, it has been held every four years.

Three Russian stamps with the mascots of Sochi 2014
01. The first Winter Olympics were held as the Winter Sports Week and it was only in 1925 that it was decided to retroactively name it as the First Winter Olympics. Sixteen nations took part in this inaugural Winter Olympics which was held in France. The Games were held in a small resort town in the Rhone-Alpes Region near the French-Swiss border. What is the town which hosted the first Winter Olympics?

02. The 1928 and 1948 Winter Olympics were held in a small resort town in Switzerland. 1948 was the last year Switzerland held the event up to date. The 1948 Olympics were important as it was the first Games (both Summer and Winter) held after 1936. The Swiss town which hosted these two Winter Olympic events is a very small town of just over 5000 inhabitants. What is the name of this town?

03. In the 1932 Winter Olympics at Lake Placid, USA, the American Four-man Bobsleigh team included an athlete who had won a Gold Medal for boxing in the light-weight division at the 1920 Olympics. When the Bobsleigh team won their event, this athlete became the first person to have won gold medals at both Summer and Winter Olympics in different events. Born in 1897, he later became a lawyer and served in the US Army during World War II. He died in 1967. Who is this athlete?

04. In the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympic Games in Canada, the Jamaican the Jamaican national bobsleigh team first gained fame and created much interest as it was a surprise to see a team from a tropical country taking part in Winter sports. They returned to several subsequent Winter Olympics as well. In 1993, Cool Runnings, a sports film loosely based on the story of this Jamaican bobsleigh team of 1988 was released in the USA. It was directed by Jon Turteltaub. The film received positive reviews, and the film's soundtrack also became popular. A reggae single sung by Jimmy Cliff for the movie became very popular and reached the top 40 in many charts including UK, USA and Canada. What is this famous song?

05. The 2014 Winter Olympics will be the first Winter Olympics to be held by Russia. The next Winter Olympics, to be held by an Asian country, will be the first ever Winter Olympics to be held in this country. It will also become the second only Asian country to host the Winter Olympics. What is the host nation of the 2018 Winter Olympics?

Answers for Quiz 09
01. Ukraine
02. NKVD
03. V-2 rocket
04. Laika
05. “The Orient” or “The East”

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