Thursday, August 21, 2014

Looks can Deceive

There are times when I find strange coincidences happening to me or around me. Today something like that happened when I was on my way to work. I was in deep thought on something and it happened to me.

I was thinking about a simple saying. "Looks can deceive." It is common knowledge. One might ask me what I mean, apart from what we usually know. Generally, we say looks can deceive to refer to a pretty girl or a handsome guy who turns out to be evil at heart. This is the generalization of the term “looks can deceive.” But, generalizations may not be sufficient at times.

Apart from good looking people being evil at heart, some not so good looking people can be pure at heart. Sometimes, the looks, both good and bad, can be an image of the heart also. Usually people are neither good nor bad. It is a mixture and the mixture can be either towards good or towards bad. On the other hand, beauty is subjective. You may not agree that the girl next door is a beauty, but I might envy you for being the next door neighbor.

Looks can deceive people to varying degrees. Sometimes, people are deceived willingly too.

On the other hand, your friend who appears to be excited, jubilant or generally happy, may be suffering within for some reason. I have encountered people who are sad within but appear really happy. No one can guess that they are sad or perhaps lonely.

Sometimes they are not actually play acting. They might be genuinely happy when they are in any company they enjoy. Perhaps they are happy because I have the ability to keep them happy for some reason. For whatever reason, they appear to be in a happy mood despite being in hell. It is only when they are alone that they let all their feelings go.

Something deceived me for sure, but I do not know what did. (Pic by Rukshan Abeywansha)

Yes, looks can deceive in many ways than we expect or think possible.

Now to what happened in the morning. I got off from the bus and walked towards the pedestrian crossing on my way to work. Ahead of me walked a woman, wearing a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. She was pretty well shaped, from behind at least. The way she walked, or perhaps the way she dressed, made me think her as an older woman. Furthermore, I saw a bandage in her right hand. For some reason, I deduced that younger people cannot have bandaged hands.

The green pedestrian light was blinking and she ran to cross the road. I also started running a fair distance behind. Her running action confirmed my assumption about her age for some reason. I crossed the road and walked over to the next crossing. She was already there, waiting for the light to turn green. I saw her face for the first time and she surprised me. It was a young face, much younger than I expected. She looked much younger than me!

Perhaps it was the face, and not the walk or the dress that deceived me. Perhaps the face did not deceive. Something deceived me for sure, but I do not know what did.

Looks can deceive in many ways.

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