Friday, May 9, 2014

Russia marks Victory Day with mammoth parade

Russia marked the 69th anniversary of the victory over Nazism with a large military parade at Red Square, Moscow.
Victory Parade, Red Square, Moscow (
According to the Moscow authorities, the parade is the largest held after the 1940s. Over 11,000 troops and more than 150 military vehicles paraded in the landmark square near Kremlin. Military equipment exhibited included the state-of-the-art missiles, armed personnel careers (APC), tanks, helicopters and airplanes.

Russian President Vladimir Putin seemed to be in a very content mood as he watched the parade. Just before the start of the parade, he addressed the nation and said that the “iron will of the Soviet people saved Europe from slavery.” He ended his speech by declaring “Glory to the victorious nation!” and a final "Hurrah!" to which all soldiers replied in kind.

Over 2,000 war veterans also attended the parade. Some of them had taken part in the first ever Victory Parade in 1945, after the defeat of Nazi Germany. Over 27 million Soviet people, many of them civilians, died in the World War II. Practically nobody in the Soviet Union was left unaffected by the war.

Apart from the main parade at the iconic Red Square, other parades were organized in 25 cities in Russia.

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