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Quiz with Chamara Sumanapala. Part 02: Portuguese Empire in Asia

Quizzing is a fun hobby. We engage in quizzing not only to win, but also to learn. Therefore, in this quiz, we include a lot of background information with every question. From this information, you can learn many other things related to the question.

On November 9, 1505, a young Portuguese captain named Laurenco de Almeida landed in Galle, Sri Lanka, becoming the first Portuguese to land in the island. Thus began the Portuguese conquest of Ceylon, which saw a considerable part of the island being occupied by them. Portuguese Ceylon was an important part in the Portuguese Empire in Asia. But there were many more domains.

Calicut in 1572

1. In 1498, Portuguese navigator Vasco de Gama landed in the Indian city of Calicut, ruled by the Zamorins. Today, Calicut is called Kozhikode. In which Indian state is Kozhikode located?

2. Laurenco de Almeida was the son of the first Viceroy of Portuguese India, Francisco de Almeida, who was appointed by the then king of Portugal. Who was this Portuguese king?

3. This Portuguese naval commander was instrumental than anyone else in the initial Portuguese conquests in the Indian Ocean. He conquered the Socotra Island, Goa and Malacca among other places and was the first Portuguese commander to enter the Persian Gulf. He shares his surname with a city in New Mexico, USA, although this city was not named after him. Who was this Portuguese naval officer?

Vasco da Gama lands in Calicut, 1498

4. Despite losing many of her Asian domains to other rival powers during the 16th century and afterwards, Portugal held its Indian domains including Goa until recently. Even when India gained independence these lands were under Portuguese rule. India took Goa, Daman and Diu after a minor war against the Portuguese. In which year did this war take place?

5. In December 1999, Portugal handed over the sovereignty of a small territory to China, after 450 years of occupation. The transfer of power took place in the “one country two systems” method, like in Hong Kong. What was this former Portuguese territory?

Answers to Quiz 01

1. Commonwealth Heads of Governments Meeting

2. Lee Kwan Yew

3. Mozambique

4. Goa

5. Mauritius

Originally published in The Nation newspaper.

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