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Quiz with Chamara Sumanapala. Part 21: Football World Cup 1958-62

The Football World Cup saw some changes during the 1950s and 1960s. The 1958 tournament held in Sweden was one of the ‘friendliest’ tournaments which culminated in the victorious Brazilian team taking a lap of honor around the stadium carrying a Swedish flag. It was also the first televised Football World Cup. The tournament also saw a 17 year old Brazilian named Pele reaching international fame.

The 1962 World Cup was played under tragic circumstances, after the host country, Chile, suffered the largest earthquake ever recorded in 1960. Thousands died and tens of thousands of people were left homeless. Yet the tournament was played in 1962 and Brazil defended their title easily.
The Brazilian lap of honor with the Swedish flag, 1958

1. The 1958 World Cup was the only world cup in which all Home Countries (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales) qualified for the tournament. England team participated in the backdrop of a tragedy, the Munich Air Disaster of February 1958, which resulted in the untimely deaths of several players from an English football club, including three England international players. What was this club?

2. Pele scored his first World Cup goal in the quarterfinals of the 1958 tournament. Although Brazil was playing a much less fancied team, this goal, coming in the 66th minute, was the only goal scored in the whole match. Against which country did the Brazilians play in this match?

3. In 1958, the French team easily led their group and qualified through quarterfinals against Northern Ireland with ease. However in the semifinal, they met the Brazilian team which came to its best and defeated the French easily. Pele scored a hat-trick in this game. This ended the World Cup career of a French striker, who had scored 13 goals in the tournament. This makes him the top scorer of a single World Cup tournament. Born in Morocco in 1933, he started his career with a club in Casablanca, later moving to France. Who was this striker?

4. The 1960 Valdivia earthquake destroyed most of Chile and many cities which initially hoped to host the World Cup matches pulled out. There were discussions of moving the venue to another country. But, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee stubbornly refused to back down. He coined the phrase “because we don't have anything, we will do everything in our power to rebuild” and insisted Chile should still be the host. The tournament was a success. However, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee did not live to see its success. He died a month before the start of the tournament. The stadium in Arica was renamed in honor of him. Who was he?

5. The 1962 tournament saw the extraordinary success of the home team Chile. Coming second in their first round group behind West Germany, they caused a major upset when they defeated the Soviet Union 2-1. This proved to be a surprise to even some of the Chileans. They changed the venue of their semifinal against Brazil to Santiago, so that more people saw the game. However, Brazil was far too powerful for the Chileans, and was defeated by them 3-1.
During the group stage, Chile played a match against a European side, which was marred by violence. The match was won by the home side 2-0. However, the violence was so intense that the match was dubbed “The Battle of Santiago.” With which country did Chile play this game?

Answers for Quiz 20: Football World Cup 1958-62
1. England
2. Rio de Janeiro
3. Brazil
4. Sepp Herberger
5. Austria

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