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Quiz with Chamara Sumanapala. Part 18: Football World Cup 1934-1938

After the first edition of the Football World Cup in 1930, the next edition moved to Europe. Italy hosted the tournament and its dictator Benito Mussolini utilized this opportunity for his propaganda work as well. World Champions Uruguay did not defend the title, becoming the only country to-date to have not defended the football world cup. Unlike the 1930 edition, this edition required teams to qualify for the tournament. For the first and only occasion, even the hosts had to qualify. Italy won the world cup in home soil, defeating Czechoslovakia in the final 2-1.

In 1938, the tournament was hosted by France. However, since South American countries expected the tournament to rotate between Europe and their continents, they led a boycott. Only Brazil and Cuba participated from the Americas and Asia was represented by Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia). Italy defended the title, defeating Hungary 4-2 in the final.
The final in 1938

1. In early world cup tournaments, if a match in an eliminating round ended in a draw, a replay game had to be played to determine the winners. In one quarter-final, Italy, the eventual champions, were held to a 1-1 draw by another European country. Italy won the replay 1-0. What is this other country?

2. The 1934 World Cup saw one place allocated to countries from Asia and Africa. An African country qualified to take part in the tournament, but was defeated by Hungary 2-4. This team was coached by James McCrea, a Scottish footballer. What is this country?

3. In 1934, the top goal scorer in the football world cup was a Czechoslovak striker, who scored five goals including a hat-trick against Germany in the semi-final. Earlier, he was credited with only four goals and was the joint top scorer. But in 2006, the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) awarded him another goal, making him the top scorer. In 1938, he scored 2 goals in the world cup. This striker, a native of Prague, is one of the best Czechoslovak players ever. Who was he?

4. The “bicycle kick” is physical move made by throwing the body up into the air, making a shearing movement with the legs to get one leg in front of the other without holding on to the ground. Several players have been attributed as inventors of the kick, but it was popularized by a striker from Brazil. Known as “The Rubber Man”, he scored the only goal Brazil scored in the 1934 Football World Cup. In 1938, he scored seven goals, becoming the best scorer of the tournament. Who was he?

5. Austria qualified for the 1938 World Cup. However, before the tournament opened in June, Germany annexed Austria in March 1938. Austria had to pull out of the tournament and some Austrian players played for Germany. Another small European country had been at the second place in the qualification group from which Austria had qualified. However, this country was not invited to take part in the world cup instead of Austria. It later became a part of the Soviet Union and became independent only after the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991. This country has still not taken part in a FIFA World Cup final tournament. What is this country?

Answers for Quiz 17: Crimean War (1853-56)

1. Sinope
2. Sevastopol
3. The Thin Red Line
4. Alfred, Lord Tennyson
5. Scutari

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