Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Russian Election Race Officially Begins

At a meeting with the seven registered parties in Russia on August 29, 2011, president Dmitri Medvedev announced that he has signed an official decree on the State Duma election. It is to be held on the 4th of December 2011.

On that day, Russian people will go to polls to elect the 6th Duma of the Russian Federation. Despite the changes in election laws, there is very little possibility that the composition of the 6th Duma will change from the 5th. In 2007, four political parties passed the 7% threshold to win seats in the Duma. They were:

1. United Russia
2. Communist Party of the Russian Federation
3. Liberal Democratic Party
4. A Just Russia

United Russia, led by prime minister Putin, holds 315 seats.

Although the election threshold has been lowered to 5%, as of now, opinion polls indicate that the other three registered parties (Democratic Party ("Yabloko"), Patriots of Russia and Right Cause) are not going to surpass that. The popularity of the main four parties are also close to the levels in 2007, indicating that the composition of the Duma will not change drastically.

Image: 'Coat of Arms of the Russian Federation' from Wikimedia Commons

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