Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mr Bean will be at the Royal Wedding!

Picture: Rowan Atkinson at the Premier of His New Film,(2007),Jack Pearce

Mr. Bean, the fellow who once knocked down the queen when bowing to her has been effectively given a royal pardon at the behest of the new royal couple to be, William and Kate.

Rowan Atkinson, who plays the role of Mr. Bean from 1990, is one of the celebrities who are invited to the wedding at Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011. Others include Sir Elton John of the 'Candle in the Wind' fame, Guy Richie and the Beckham couple, David and Victoria.

As the wedding is not a formal state event, elected heads of state will be conspicuously absent while royal houses have been invited. The expected attendance of the crown prince of Bahrain has raised some eyebrows. The royal families have not been discriminated in being invited, despite the current political issues. However, the main invitees are family and friends of the royal couple and numerous charities such as 'Help for Heroes'.

Rowan Atkinson's attendance is justified despite him knocking down the queen once. It was he who blundered his way to prevent the queen from abdicating by uncovering the plot of a Frenchman, Pascal Sauvage, to steal the crown jewels, in the film Johnny English.

May be the royal couple is also seeking the protection of special agent Johnny English!

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